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If you are a new affiliate then please take a moment to register your name & email address with us. This is your primary source for Hair Loss Black Book's promotions and other tips that will net you even more commissions.

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Forum Signature Ads

If you regularly contribute to an online forum, you can use one of these text links as a 'signature link' to drive traffic to the website. People will read your thread or post, hopefully click on the link... and then you will make a commission if they go ahead and buy the product.

You could also add these text links to the bottom of all of your outgoing emails. Follow the email preferences link in your email account to do this.

Remember to change the XXXX to your Clickbank ID.

List of Hair Loss Forums:

Tutorials on Forum Marketing:

Pay Per Click Ads

Pay Per Click Networks

When people consider pay-per-click advertising, they tend to think of Google Adwords because it generates the most traffic. Whilst this is true, there are so many other options which are both cheaper and easier to get approved with. We have listed the most popular ones below and highly recommend you check out Facebook Ads as they generate a great deal of traffic. Yahoo and Microsoft are good too.

Below this list, you will find some example ads you can use on any of these networks as well as some targeted keywords.

Ad Text Examples:

High Traffic Keywords

Here are some targeted keywords that you can use in your pay-per-click & SEO campaigns which will turn your traffic into cash!

Download the Keywords

Product Images

Either copy and paste the code in the boxes into the source of your web page where you would like the graphic to appear... or 'right click' on the graphic and select 'save picture as' if you want to download the image to your computer.

Make sure you add your affiliate ID in place of the ‘XXXX’ if you copy and paste the code.

180 X 229 - Small Cover Graphic

250 X 318 - Medium Cover Graphic

500 X 637 - Large Cover Graphic

500 X 253 - Collage Graphic


Either copy and paste the code in the boxes into the source of your web page where you would like the banner to appear... or 'right click' on the graphic and select 'save picture as' if you want to download the image to your computer. Also, make sure you add your affiliate ID in place of the ‘XXXX’ in each piece of code.

You can use these banners in the following way...

Submit these banners in banner exchange programs...
1800 Banners

Use them as advertisements on other people’s sites...
Adbrite (see 'banner ads' link on the left)
Adwords Image Ads

Add one or more of these banners to your webpage(s):


You can download a selection of 5 articles to promote Hair Loss Black Book here.

You can also re-publish my articles on EzineArticles to your site: http://ezinearticles.com/?expert=Nigel_T

Submitting articles to high traffic directories with your affiliate link included is a very good way of maintaining a consistent flow of traffic and sales and some of the most popular ones you should submit to are:

Obviously having original articles written would be highly beneficial as well and if you do not want to write them yourself, I highly recommend The Content Authority where you can get them done for one Cent per word.


Review Pages

If you have your own website, then one of the best ways to get started as an affiliate is to write a review of the Hair Loss Black Book program to post on your website. This is consistently one of the top affiliate marketing strategies for ebooks.

Below you’ll find 3 samples reviews you can use. Please re-write the articles before posting them on your website.

Opt-In Page Template

Here is a standard opt-in template you can use to promote Hair Loss Black Book. The idea with this template is to send people to this page, capture their information to build your list and then send them straight to the sales page. You can then follow up with them to try via email and generate additional sales.

Again, please only use my template to promote Hair Loss Black Book.