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Hairstyles For Women With Thinning Hair

Thinning Hairstyle Women

Your hair is thinning. This most likely means that your go-to hair style you’ve had for year is no longer flattering to you.

You’ve probably thumbed through magazines checking out the latest styles and wonder how you could pull it off with your thinning hair situation.

If you’re feeling lost and a little intimidated, that’s perfectly normal.

Fashion is a stressful, expensive, and even vicious game for any woman. Hair styles for women with thinning hair takes the challenge to a whole new level, but it is very possible to find a flattering look you’ll be happy with.

I want to be honest with you. Even if you find a style that both conceals your hair loss and completely flatters your face – and even if everywhere you go people compliment you on your look – you are probably still going to feel insecure.

Until you are able to stop your hair loss and start growing new hair, it will be very natural to doubt if the compliments you receive are real.

I wrote this article for two reasons. First, I want to help you feel more confident through a style that best suits you. I want you to walk around get compliments. When this happens, it will help you achieve that important positive mental health aspect to The Hair Loss Black Book program.

Secondly, I wrote this article to give you an insight on hair loss that most fashion magazines will not. There are literally millions of sources for hair styling tips if you want to look like a celebrity and have a full head of manageable hair.

When I was facing my own hair loss, I looked around and found most men and women with hair loss are overlooked when the latest styling how-to’s come out.

I don’t’ want us to be overlooked anymore. More importantly, I don’t want us to feel overlooked anymore. I know what you’re thinking, he’s a man – how can he possibly give good advice on hair styles for women with hair loss?

Well, I promise you – I have given researching this topic as much diligence as I have any other aspect of my program. I think you’ll be fashionably inspired by what you read hear.

Dumpy And Frumpy Makes The Problem More Obvious

Hairstyle ProblemWhen you look around at other women with hair loss, what do you notice most about their hairstyle? That’s right, there is no style. Many women who’ve battled hair loss have given up on having a head-turning hairdo.

You may have been slipping yourself lately. Do you find you take less time styling your hair? You may be constantly looking in every mirror to see if your thinning is showing, but how much time do you spend looking in a mirror primping your hair? I’m willing to bet it is substantially less time than it used to be.

Here’s the problem, letting your hair go from polished to dumpy is going to make things worse. That panicky feeling you got when you first noticed your hair was falling out is what motivated you to start your anti-DHT program.

If you have stopped caring about your hair style, then you’re very close to losing your motivation to stick to the program which will solve your problem and get back the hair you miss.

Furthermore, when you don’t take care of your hair it becomes very obvious to all around you why. Most of the women you know spend a lot of time and money on their hair style. While I’m not saying you should be breaking the budget on your hair, I do believe you need to play a bit of “keeping up with the Jones”.

If you don’t, people are going to notice that you stick out and then they’re going to start studying you to figure out why. You don’t want that scrutiny it is harmful to your progress. So, take the easy road out and start spending a little bit more of the time you used to spend styling your hair.

Spiked, Teased And Root Lifted Hair Emphasizes The Problem

Teased Spikey HairstyleWhen I walk around and observe women with hair loss, I notice many are sporting the same hair style. It is a short do which has been spiked, sprayed, or teased into a lifted position.

Essentially, the hair is standing as erect as possible. The overall mass of the hair seems to have increased, but in doing so the thin spots have a metaphorical (and sometime literal depending on the lighting) spotlight on them.

Teased, sprayed up, and spiked hair is lifted off the scalp.

However, when the hair is standing erect, it allows people – especially those who happen to be taller like most men are taller than women – to see directly to the scalp. Which means it is a lot easier to see the scalp in areas with fewer hairs than areas more densely populated.

Think of it as a forest. If you were flying overhead or looking up at a hillside, you’d only see a thick canopy of vegetation – even in areas where the forest is sparser.

If you were standing in the woods looking straight ahead, you would see the forest floor and the trunks of the trees and it would be far more obvious where there were fewer trees.

Here’s another example: put your hand out flat level with your face. Now, put your other hand in front of it, perpendicular to the first hand so that your fingers form a “fence” against the side of your hand toward your face.

If you look through your fingers, you can clearly see the top of your other hand. Now, lay your fingers across the top of your other hand as if you were forming an upside down capital “L”. When you look again, you can’t see the top of your hand through your fingers.

It works the same way with hair. Lifted hair shows scalp. Hair that remains at its natural angle hides scalp. It may sound funny, but nature intended it this way to protect your scalp from sunburn. You can use nature to conceal your thin spots.

Get Volume With Product

Hair Volumizing ProductPeople tease and spike hair to create an illusion of greater hair mass. This is commonly referred to as volumizing. The hair shaft is thickened, making it seem that more hair is present than normal. Hair becomes fluffier (but not necessarily erect) and appears fuller.

But why create an illusion when you can actually get volume that will conceal your hair loss? Nowadays, creating real volume is easy and cheap. Volumizing products coat your hair in a thin sheet of “stiffening” material.

A quality product may actually add 1.5-3X the thickness onto each individual hair shaft. Some volumizing products also add “hold” which means they help hair stay in place once styled, but that aspect isn’t as necessary as the volumizing itself.

Volumizing products come in spray, gel, and mousse forms and each seem to work quite well. They are readily found in any store selling hair products and have a wide range in price depending on the brand. Try several different products until you find one you love.

Volumizing Color And Highlights

Hair Volume HighlightYou should know that you can also achieve semi-permanent volume through color or highlights. When hair is colored or bleached, the color penetrates and spreads the individual cuticles (which there are thousands) along the hair shaft.

Although the cuticles do eventually relax some with regular shampooing and conditioner, they will typically spend the next 4-6 weeks partially expanded… aka volume.

Many people worry about color or highlights damaging already weak hair. However, your hair is weak at the scalp, not at the shaft.

Sure, the shaft is thinner and you will probably have to use a milder color or bleach, but the color is not applied to your scalp which means your sensitive follicles will be safe. Just make sure you use a colorist who comes well recommended and who has experience with thin hair.

A Side Part: The Better Version Of A Man’s Comb-Over

Hair Comb Over WomenOn a man it is called a comb-over, the often mocked style of growing out a long piece of hair and combing it over to the opposite side of your head to conceal a bald patch on top.

While some men come pull it off and others can’t, almost all women can pull off the feminine version. It’s called the side part and it is currently the most common hair style.

It’s a simple style to achieve. Instead of parting your hair down the center of your crown, you move the part anywhere from 1 to 2.5 inches to the left or the right. It is easy to do and you can use it to camouflage your hair loss.

Determine which side of your hair is thinnest. Then part your hair on the opposite side of your hair and brush the bulk of your hair over the thinnest part. Now the thinning spot is blanketed with extra hair. It is quick and easy volume.

Here’s a tip. If you have a thinning spot on the opposite side of your head (where your making the part), aim for the middle of it.

You’re supposed to see scalp at the part, so this is a good excuse to have a bare spot showing though while you cover the thin area on the other side of your head. Aim for the middle of your secondary thin spot and force your hair to bulk up on either side of it.

A Dramatic Edge

Hairstyle EdgingMany of the popular hair fashion columnists are offering an important piece of advice which you can use to create a striking style: Edging which is also called Angling. Essentially, edging takes hair from its traditional 180 degrees flat across the back to more of a 30 to 40 degree slant from the back to the front.

It is a dramatic effect. Hair is essentially shorter in the back, making it easier to volumize. Then, the hair quickly tapers down along the sides to the front at a sharp angle. The very front sides are the longest hairs. This gives the angle a sharp pointed edge.

A dramatic edge is almost like an angle saying “look here, not there!” The pointed edge of the hairstyle draws attention to the chin, neck, shoulders, or wherever else the length of the hair falls. It forcibly pulls the viewer’s eye away from the thin spots on top and to a completely different part of your face. A genius hairstyle for hair loss!

Here is a tip with this style. Make the point end at a body part you are comfortable emphasizing. As I said, the sharp edge will point to the place where the hair falls. If you don’t like your chin, wear your hair a little longer to point at the nape of your neck.

You can even wear it super short and point at your jawbone if you are happy with the structure of your face. Talk to your stylist about this cut, she’ll be able to help you decide on a length and angle that best suits your face shape.

Whatever You Do, Don’t Give Up On Style

As I said before, you must not stop caring about your hair style. Every creature on earth wants to look appealing. You are denying yourself a very fundamental need if you forsake your inner desire to be happy with image in the mirror.

Hair Loss bookI know the Hair Loss Black Book can be hard to stick to all the time. Making massive fitness, nutritional, and lifestyle changes requires a lot of motivation. I don’t want you to lose that motivation when you look in the mirror and see unkempt hair.

With all the effort you are putting into correcting your hair loss from the inside, don’t give up on feeling good about yourself on the outside. If your style is out dated, or if you’ve lost the style all together, it’s time to make a change.

Start looking better and you’ll start feeling better. Then, you’ll be amazed at how easy it is to stay on track and re-grow your hair.

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