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Hair Loss Articles

Many men decide that no action is the best action. They continue to style their hair in the same way they have for a decade or more, even though there is less and less hair there. I guess they are hoping no one will notice if they don’t change anything. Wrong! People will notice more. [...]

You will hear a lot of professional athletes talk about wanting to raise their testosterone and DHT levels. This is because testosterone, especially DHT, helps build bigger muscles-the kind many professional athletes need to make a living. But, what is something a professional athlete doesn’t need to make a living? Hair. Have you ever noticed [...]

If you have ever done a web search on hair loss, you’ve probably come across one million and one sites trying to sell you the latest herb guaranteed to solve your problem for good. Of course, if they were really the miracles they claim to be, no one would be losing their hair. On the [...]

Your hair is thinning. This most likely means that your go-to hair style you’ve had for year is no longer flattering to you. You’ve probably thumbed through magazines checking out the latest styles and wonder how you could pull it off with your thinning hair situation. If you’re feeling lost and a little intimidated, that’s [...]

I’ve been there. I know how terrified and desperate you are to save your hair. I’ve shared your stress and your tears. I can tell you there was a time when I popped every pill, herb, tea, or tonic I could find into my mouth as long as there was the slightest hint it could [...]

Homeopathy is an interesting word and often elicits a rather strong reaction from those on both sides of the aisle. It is a frequently misunderstood practice and you may or may not fully understand homeopathy. However, it is very important to understand how homeopathy might be able to help you create a hair growing environment [...]

It may be hard to pinpoint which came fist. Did you have recurring acne and then noticed your hair falling out, or did it happen the other way around? Do you find you spend as much time trying to clear up your skin as you do trying to stop your hair loss? Here’s the real [...]

You are what you eat. This is especially true when it comes to your hair. No matter how many pills you take, how many laps you swim, or how many remedies you apply to your scalp. If you don’t eat right, you are never going to get your hair loss problem under control. We’ve known [...]

Not too long ago, hair loss was considered strictly a man’s issue and the industry ignored the many women who were also suffering. When experts finally examined the issue, they realized it was not only complex, but possibly more complex than men’s hair loss. The complexity comes from the fact that there are literally dozens [...]

In Manchester, England a group of research assistants inadvertently made an interesting discovery about men’s hair loss. While their study was focused on psychology, it had a very clear implication on the physical cause of hair loss in men. What we can learn from this study and similar research can help men finally control DHT. [...]